I am a Doctorate in Physics from The International University USA. Served as professor and authored books on Physics and Islam. Born to pedagogues Hazrath Syed Abdul Kareem and Bibi Mehar un Nisa and married to educationist Mrs S.S Banu who is an International Awardee and established “SOLLAM Charitable Trust” as well as The J.H.S Educational Institutions at Bangalore.

My affinity towards MUHAMMAD SAWS caused the formulation of solar calendar from 01/01/0001 CE to Infinity as well as 01/01/0001 BCE to Time Immemorial named as ‘AMEEN CALENDAR’. As a sequel, my spouse Mrs Shahwar Banu has formulated a Hijri calendar titled as ‘SHAHWAR CALENDAR’ (lunisolar) from the date of arrival of Adam (A.S) and Hawwa (A.S) to qayamah. And found the precise date of birth of MUHAMMAD SAWS as Monday 12 Rabi I 53 BH // 22 April 571 CE. The calendars found applications in finding the dates of all important events which includes the arrival of Jinn on earth on Friday 10 Muharram 9637 BH // 9 September 8729 BCE.

Conclusions from research in Metaphysics and Divine Mathematics:

* Date of arrival of Prophet Adam (A.S) on earth; Fri 10 Muharram 7637 BH // 15/02/6788 BCE

  • Heat Is the Medium of Universe ©
  • Refuted Einstein’s Mass Energy Relation E = MC2 and deduced New Mass Energy Relation E = MR2, where H is speed of heat ©
  • The speed of Buraq (Supernaturals) is 47500000 times the velocity of light.
  • The time taken by MUHAMMAD SAWS to cover the distance between earth and heavens during Meraj (vice verse) was 49.99 seconds.

* Sidratul Muntaha are “White Holes” which accommodates the angels and allows to bequeath.

* Formulation of “Death Formula”, Lifetime = P x R x L x N / 92 ©

* Date of birth of Mariam (A.S); Fri 09 Jamadi I 665 BH // 09/09/24 BCE and

* Date of birth of Prophet Isa (A.S) ; Fri 10 Muharram 652 BH // 22/12/12 BCE.

Predestined events - in shaa ALLAH

* Rising of sun from west before 1449 AH // 2027 CE.

* Advent of Mahdi (A.S) on Fri 10 Muharram 1450 AH // 02/06/2028 CE.

* Appearance of Kalki Avatar on Friday 2 June 2028 CE.

* Appearance of Maitreya on Friday 2 June 2028 CE.

* Appearance of Dajjal on Tuesday 8 Zul Haj 1452 // 1 April 2031 CE.

* Second Coming of Prophet Isa (A.S) on Saturday 10 Muharram 1456 AH // 01/04/2034 CE and

* Doomsday on Fri 10 Muharram 2364 AH // 15/03/2915 CE

The knowledge of Numerolgy, Numerology, Vastu, Fengshui and Calendar makes to foretell the day of birth, predictions, prospective medical condition, deathless dates, days of accidents and the possible date of death during last stage of life.

Syed Mazharul Ameen
M.Sc, Ph.D (Calif), MIAPT, FUWAI